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Founded in 1965 by the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR and fully funded from the state budget, the factory (originally known as GORIZONT) was conceived as a supplier of high-tech electromagnetic components for the aerospace and shipbuilding industries of the USSR Ministry of Defence.

GORIZONT’s compact production facilities were originally specialized in the production of high frequency chokes. Later the company expanded its product range at the expense of such new products as delay lines for military television systems (early seventies) and pulse transformers (1975).

Those were the enterprise’s compactness and manufacturing process flexibility that always allowed it to introduce the newest industrial technologies. Collaboration with various relevant ministries and research institutions led to a gradual accumulation of the company’s outstanding scientific potential. It was this scientific potential that allowed GORIZONT to exist in the early nineties, when all Soviet enterprises of the kind left without a minimum budget funding at the background of collapsing planned economy and were forced to fight for survival by all means. In this difficult period, the GORIZONT’s directorship, with varying success tried to bring the factory out of crisis by adopting such less technologically advanced and more consumer oriented goods as magnetic reading heads for audio cassette players and power transformers for electrical appliances.

Even more important was the fact that GORIZONT’s scientific base functioned at that time in spite of financial difficulties. It was in the first half of the nineties when the unique equipment – the machinery for casting, cutting, and annealing of amorphous magnetic ribbon was developed in the factory’s research centre. This equipment did not only make ​​it possible to greatly stream line the production process at the factory, but was also offered for sale.

At the same time the factory was privatized and renamed into PC "MSTATOR".

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